Emergency Dentist in Tempe

In Case of Dental Emergency – Tips from Your Emergency Dentist in Tempe

Dental emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere.  Sometimes, you may not even have easy access to an emergency dentist in Tempe   These are the situations where knowing what to do may mean the difference between saving a natural tooth and spending the rest of your life with an implant.

We can’t cover every emergency in a single blog, but here are some of the most common situations and what you should do.

Vital Tooth-Saving Tips from An Emergency Dentist in Tempe

  1. A knocked-out tooth

Teeth may be pretty firmly held in place, but they can be knocked out in one whole piece by the right kinds of impacts.  If your tooth is knocked out but remains whole -with both the crown and the roots intact- the first thing you should do is try to put it back in place.  If it won’t fit, or stay in place, the next best thing is to put it in a bottle of milk.  In either case, go see an emergency dentist ASAP.

Why milk?  Milk helps sustain the tooth’s root and keep the tooth alive.  Do not use plain water; water will kill the root faster by causing it to swell up.

  1. Toothaches 

Most of the time, toothaches are caused by one of two reasons, or both at once:  Either the nerve has become exposed by cavities and hurts because it’s coming into contact with food, or else an infection is involved.  Either way, start by rinsing your mouth with warm water, then attempt to gently brush and floss around the painful area.  If this doesn’t help, use an ice pack on the affected area to keep the swelling down.

And, of course, see your emergency dentist in Tempe at your earliest opportunity.

  1. Lost fillings or crowns

Modern fillings or crowns use extremely strong adhesives to keep them in place, but they can still be dislodged.  If possible, save the lost crown/filling – it might be possible to reattach it.  To fill in the hole, for the short term, a piece of sugar-free gum will work!  Be certain it’s sugar-free; sugary gum would hurt a lot.

Also, if you swallow the filling/crown, don’t panic.  It will probably pass through harmlessly.  However, tell your dentist about this to be safe.

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