Best Sedation Dentistry Services in Phoenix

An appointment at the dentist can be a stressful experience for some. If you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming visit, please let us know! We’d be delighted to help you become as comfortable as possible in our offices. We are pleased to offer a full range of options of sedation dentistry Phoenix at Az dental club.

Our sedation dentistry helps patients who experience

  • Fear and anxiety at the dentist
  • Difficulty sitting still for long periods
  • Confusion and apprehension on dental procedures

All About Sedation Dentistry

The process of administering sedation dentistry allows your dentist to provide dental treatments comfortably and safely. The process helps remove anxiety and ensures the optimal level of comfort for our patients during their procedures. Past patients have told us how surprised they were in discovering how simple and effective the sedation process was during their treatment.

Your Options

Oral Sedation

Our oral sedation is offered through the use of anxiolysis, which is a light form of sedation and is often used for patients with mild anxiety or those who are undergoing extensive treatment. The patient remains awake throughout the process but feels a great sense of relaxation and will be unable to remember the vast majority of the procedure taking place. The average patient recovers within hours from oral sedation.

Inhaled Sedation

Another form of sedation is inhaling nitrous oxide or laughing gas. This is the most frequently-used method for easing mild or moderate anxiety. The gas is administered through a small mask that fits over the nose and is an effective means to calm anxiety and raise the pain threshold. The nitrous oxide treatment helps the patient maintain their comfort and gives the impression that time is passing quickly. At the end of the appointment, the patient will resume breathing on their own and can take on their everyday activities immediately.

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It’s imperative you have a clear understanding of the sedation options available to you. Please call our team directly to discover more about sedation dentistry phoenix and find out which method is the best option for you and your treatment needs.