Emergency Dentist

An Emergency Dentist in Phoenix Explains How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

It would be nice if dental emergencies would happen at convenient times, but that’s rarely the case.  An emergency dentist in Phoenix has to be ready to spring to action just about any time, particularly if a patient’s health is on the line.

Of course, calling in an emergency dentist in Phoenix is only one step in the process.  Often, when an emergency hits, you can do things which will dramatically help improve your chances of a full recovery.  Here are a few tips. Visit Az Dental Club or Book an appointment.

Here’s What to Do in The Case of These Dental Emergencies

  1. Knocked out teeth

In many cases, a tooth that’s been cleanly knocked out by an impact can be reaffixed – but only if it’s attended to within a couple hours.  You should immediately store the tooth in a container with a saline (salt water) solution to keep it sterile, then visit an emergency dentist in Phoenix ASAP.  This truly is a situation where minutes will make a difference.

  1. Dislodged teeth

If the tooth has been knocked loose, but hasn’t come free of the socket, you’ve got a bit more time to have it taken care of – generally around 24 hours.  Do not attempt to push it back in the socket or otherwise manipulate it.  Use ice to keep swelling down and see a dentist as soon as you can for professional assistance.

  1. Broken braces

If an accident happens to your (or your child’s) braces, that’s a problem in multiple ways.  Not only does it risk causing more orthodontic problem, but it usually means a loose piece of metal in the mouth which could damage the mouth or even cause infection.  Try using a cotton ball or some gauze to cover any sharp pieces, then see a dentist as soon as you can for repairs.

  1. Abscesses

An abscess is a small pus-filled bump that appears on the gums at the base of a tooth, or in-between teeth.  It means there is an active infection which could easily spread throughout the mouth or the rest of the body.  Always take abscesses seriously and see a dentist as your earliest possible convenience for treatment and medication.

Az Dental Club Can Be Your Emergency Dentist in Phoenix

We maintain a 24-hour care hotline to help you with your dental emergencies!  If trouble strikes, call us at (602)650-1700 for rapid assistance.