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AZ Dental Club Warns Parents Across Tempe, AZ, About the Dangers of Dental Decay

Dentistry for kids in Tempe, AZ, is a topic parents across the area should be aware of, and that is a topic that AZ Dental Club is happy to discuss.  AZ Dental Club is dedicated to providing the best possible dental services for kids -and their parents- which means a combination of great services and great outreach.   After all, in dentistry, prevention truly is the best medicine.

If more people were aware of dental decay and its mechanisms, they would be much better equipped to protect their teeth, as well as the teeth of their family.  These are some of the key aspects Dr. J thinks all parents should know.

  • Dental decay begins with leftover food particles.  Food left in the mouth overnight, or longer, becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.  These bacteria then begin attacking the teeth directly, wearing away the protective enamel and eventually causing cavities.
  • One cavity easily breeds more.  Since cavities are caused by bacteria, once they have started one cavity, they have a “home base” to begin attacking the neighboring teeth.
  • Sugar accelerates the process.  Sugar is fuel for bacteria.  The sweeter treats and drinks a person consumes, the more bacteria will build up in their mouth.

Visits to the dentist for cleaning can stop this!  Dentistry for kids in Tempe, AZ, is about preventing cavities from forming, and parents are strongly encouraged to make regular dental appointments for their children.

About AZ Dental Club

AZ Dental Club comprises three clinics in the greater Phoenix area, founded by Dr. Jason Nordean.  Whether a person visits Tempe Dental Center, Phoenix Dental Center, or Greenway Family Dentistry, they will receive the same high quality of care.  Dr. J is particularly passionate about dentistry for kids in Tempe, AZ, and the surrounding areas, wanting to create a safe and comforting environment where the little ones can get fear-free dental services.

For more information or appointment inquiries, contact AZ Dental Club today or call at 480-970-6677 (Tempe), 602-978-4621 (Glendale), or -602-650-1700 (Phoenix).