Best Orthodontist in Phoenix

Top 5 Helpful Tips to Find the Best Orthodontist in Phoenix

There’s certainly no shortage of qualified dentists in the Phoenix, AZ area – so how do you find the best orthodontist in Phoenix for you and your family in Tempe?  There are a lot of different criteria you could consider, plus there’s the problem of sorting through all the information available to decide what’s actually accurate and honest.

Here are a few tips to help you make your decision!

Five Ways to Find the Best Orthodontist in Phoenix for Your Family

  1. Get referrals 

The oldest methods are still sometimes the best.  When you’re looking for a dentist or orthodontist, the best recommendations you can get are going to come from people you trust: family members, friends, or close co-workers.  Undoubtedly you know people in Phoenix who’ve needed an orthodontist.  Ask them about their experiences.

  1. Start making a list based on proximity

In a major metropolitan area, there’s rarely any reason you should have to drive more than half an hour to a dentist – not unless it’s a specialist case.  When you’re looking up orthodontists in your area, start by investigating those nearest to you.  If you or a family member have a dental emergency, you’ll appreciate having your orthodontist nearby!

  1. Check online reviews

Online reviews aren’t as reliable as referrals from people you know, but they’re much better than nothing.  Check major review databases such as Google and Yelp.  If an orthodontist you’re interested in doesn’t have at least a 4-out-of-5 rating, there’s probably a reason for it.

  1. Look for experience

While dentistry and orthodontics are definitely a medical science, there’s still an element of art to it as well.  This is particularly true when it comes to aesthetic work.  The more experience a dentist has at creating great-looking smiles, the better your own work is likely to be.  Experience will allow them to make nicer work.

  1. Don’t go for the lowest prices if you can help it

We know that dentistry is expensive, but a lot of that is because being a dentist is expensive.  If a clinic is offering cut rates, they probably don’t have the latest equipment or most current training.  All things being equal, a mid-priced dentist is going to be more reliable.

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